Who are we

Survive and Thrive Education is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization devoted to empowering and enabling young people ages (12-24), primarily from marginalized circumstances, to become productive citizens in society.

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

To inspire and enable young people to meet their immense potential as scholars and positive contributors to society through their personal and professional aspirations.


“To Create Tax Payers, Not Tax Consumers”

What We Do

There are three aims of the organization: 

1. To help students, the majority labeled at-risk, meet the requirements for graduating high school.

2. To assist these students in achieving some post-secondary placement including, but not limited to the following: 4-Year college and/or university, community college, military placement, and/or vocational training programs.

3. Aid young people who have either entered a post-secondary institution not only stay in school, but also complete their respective educational endeavors. The program staff attempts to intervene in circumstances that could interfere with student success. The staff also advocates for the students and their families in situations outside of the normal scope of academic situations that could also hinder student success.

STE Primary Recruitment Targets

First Generation College Students; Second Generation College Students; Black; Latino; State At-Risk Designation; SPED; LEP; Homeless

Survive and Thrive Education Program Results (Table)

Survive and Thrive Education Program Results(Table)

6 Year Program Highlights 2014-2020

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 Survive and Thrive Education is a non-profit organization devoted to empowering and enabling young people, primarily from marginalized circumstances, ages 12-24 to become productive citizens in society. Your donations will be a postive contribution to the lives of Dallas-Fort Worth Youth. To make a tax deductible donation click the “Donate” button on any page. All proceeds will go directly toward funding Survive and Thrive Educational Progams.

STE has been in operation since 2015, but has not received any compensation or donations for the services that has been provided to the students that it serves. The individuals who have been working on this venture have been paid individually by their respective employers in other professions. This program until 2020 has been a solely volunteer organization

The majority of the students have been served in the Southern Tarrant County area which includes but not limited to the following municipalities: Southwest Fort Worth Texas; Crowley, Texas; Everman, Texas. These services have occurred in the student homes, high schools, churches, and colleges/universities.

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