What We Do

Survive and thrive education

What We Do

There are three aims of the organization: 

1. To help students, the majority labeled at-risk, meet the requirements for graduating high school.

2. To assist these students in achieving some post-secondary placement including but limited to the following: 4-Year college and/or university, community college, military placement, and/or vocational training programs.

 3. Aid young people who have either entered a post-secondary institution not only stay in school, but also complete their respective educational endeavors. 

The program staff attempts to intervene in circumstances that could interfere with student success. The staff also advocates for the students and their families in situations outside of the normal scope of academic situations that could also hinder student success. Survive and Thrive Education consists of multiple sub-programs including but limited to: The Assist Program, Willing and Able, The PAL Project. Survive and Thrive Education is an Institute for Post-Secondary Readiness. Those responsibilities include providing resources and support outside of the academic arena that could hinder student achievement as well. The entire staff has the over-arching responsibility of identifying potential barriers to graduation, develop and implement individual intervention strategies, and work with students to develop a graduation and achievement plan to include the best program to meet academic and post-secondary goals. The staff will provide direct student support and case management to match each student’s individual needs.

Donations made to Surivive and Thrive Education is tax deductable. 

Survive and Thrive Education addresses the Following Themes

Behavior Intervention/Rapid Response; Attendance Monitoring; Academic Achievement; Food Insecurity; College and Career Readiness; Community Collaboration; Homelessness and Hunger; Student Employment